What is Fairweather Manor?


Fairweather Manor is a Nordic style larp (live action role play) set in England during WW1. During the event, the participants leave their normal lives behind for three days and step into the lives of servants, nobles, artists and local guests at a great house during the Edwardian period. 


Fairweather Manor is an international larp, with the participants coming from many different countries. The larp is inspired by the TV series Downton Abbey, Upstairs/Downstairs, Edwardian England and the Great War (World War One).

We invite you to take the leap with us - back one hundred years into a past where class and social status was everything and where the ideal of service was still very much alive.

Welcome to Fairweather Manor.

FM4: 1917

The next Fairweather Manor larp will be held on Novemer 2-5, 2017. The story will take place in March 1917, during the Great War. 

In March 1917, there is a revolution starting in Russia. The German U-boats are sinking enough British shipping that the country fears for its survival. The United States of America have not yet entered the war, and in France, desperation is high in the trenches.

It is a time of great tragedy and horror, but at the grand manor in England, everyone gathers to celebrate the marriage of the Duke's son and heir, to his betrothed. Love is still alive.


Practical Info

Next event: Nov 2-5, 2017

Location: Zamek Moszna, Poland

All-Included Price:   635€

incl. food, lodging and experience workshops
Optional Costume Rental: 100€

Language: English

Participants: 84 (+50 Servants)

Age Limit: 18+

Questions: claus@dziobak.studio


You do not need to have prior larp experience to participate, though we will cast experienced larpers in key roles to ensure that the game runs smoothly.


Documentary Short Film


At the first Fairweather Manor, we recorded a short documentary film, which is available for free on youtube. It's 18 minutes in length, and gives some glimpses into what the experience is like. And the best part is that you don't have to know what larp is to understand the film.


If you find this short documentary about our larp interesting, and want to see more about other larp projects we have done, or been involved with, here are a few links:


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What is larp?


live action role play - or "larp" as it's called, is a hobby enjoyed by millions worldwide.

It's a mix of pretend play, action, problem-solving, adventure and fun.


At Fairweather Manor that means stepping into the world of 1917, like stepping into a movie or a play.


Pretend play & action


Larp is about dressing up in elegant costumes and for at time pretending to be someone else. When you larp, you take on the roles of heroes, villains or rogues, and for some hours immerse yourself in fantastic universes and stories.


Larp is about living the story instead of watching it or reading about it.

What is Nordic larp?


Nordic larp is a term used to describe a school of larp game design that emerged in the Nordic countries. Here are three common ideals for Nordic larps. 


Immersion. Nordic larpers want to feel like they are “really there”. This includes creating a truly convincing illusion of physically being in a medieval village/on a space ship/WWII bunker, playing a character that is very close to your own physical appearance, as well as focusing on getting under the character’s skin to “feel their feelings”. 


Collaboration. Nordic-style larp is about creating an exciting and emotionally affecting story together, not measuring your strength. There is no winning, and many players intentionally let their characters fail in their objectives to create more interesting stories.


Artistic vision. Many Nordic games are intended as more than entertainment – they make artistic or even political statements. The goal in these games is to affect the players long term, to perhaps change the way they see themselves or how they act in society.


Paraphrased from nordiclarp.org.

For the press


Fairweather Manor is a larp (live action role play) event that takes place at Zamek Moszna in Poland. During the event, the 135 participants dress up as their characters; servants, nobles, artists and local guests at the fictional wedding of one of the Fairweather children in 1917.

The larp is organized by Dziobak Larp Studios in cooperation with the participants. You can read more on our projects and who we are on our web page:



If you want to know more about Fairweather Manor, you are welcome to write to our press guy, Claus Raasted (claus@dziobak.studio)


If you wish to use images for coverage, this is possible. These images are used under license from John-Paul Bichard for press and publicity purposes - for articles, placed artwork and commercial use please contact Bichard Studios.

Images must be credited: Image: John-Paul Bichard in a legible font next to the image wherever used.

John-Paul's pictures can be found HERE


What can you play?

Nobles are all linked to the Duke's family and fortune. There are 50 noble characters.

Artists provide entertainment and a touch of scandal. There are 18 artist characters.

Experts each have an area of expertise to preside over. There are 16 expert characters.

Servants are the heart and soul of Fairweather Manor. To play a servant, you must send us an application and be accepted - however, your participation in the larp is free.

Design Document


The Design Document is a PDF that explains a lot about how the larp is played. You can read the Design Document HERE.


The Design Document is a living document, which means that it is constantly being changed, revised and updated. 


If you have things you'd like to see added or expanded upon, write to us!

Words from former players


"I am still overwhelmed by the entire experience and is in the process of taking it all in. It is marvelous that after 20 years of larping you can still get surprised and experience something new. So thank you all of you; Downstairs, Upstairs and in the organizing rooms."


"Thank you all for an amazing first larp! I came alone but left with friends." 


"Saw an episode of Downton last night (S02E01). Holy shit, we really REALLY nailed the Downton feeling."


"Thank you all for a visually exquisite larp and a great experience. This was a very physically and mentally demanding larp, but together, we truly created this beautiful british atmosphere of teatimes and gentlemanship of 1914."


"Thank you all! You were stunningly elegant and absolutely talented players and all of you contributed to this amazing experience. Thanks to the organizers for the Manor, the perfect logistics and most of all for gathering this incredible amount of beautiful people."


"Thank you all for making my first LARP an extremely fun, interesting and absolutely overwhelming experience. I shall not soon forget."


"Thank you all for a fantastic experience. For me this larp was just as being part of an episode of Downton. I am so happy to have met many new and old friends!"

Playing a servant


There are many kinds of servants at Fairweather Manor. Maids, footmen, hallboys and the lowly maids-of-all-work. There are valets, ladies' maids, and even a gardener and a birdkeeper. And then there are all the servants who the visitors have brought with them!


As a servant, you will be expected to know your place, hold your tongue and work hard. And when it comes to status games, the servant world is even harsher than that of their masters.

Playing  a noble


The Fairweather family is old and large, and there are several branches. Children, cousins, great-aunts and grandchildren. They have been invited to the Duke's 60th birthday, and since everyone knows that the inheritance will be discussed, they have all come.


As a member of the family, you will be expected to do what is proper, squash your feelings and in general keep a stiff upper lip. Nobody expects you to like everyone, as long as you pretend to.

Playing an artist or expert


The Fairweathers have been patrons of the arts for many years, and so it is that musicians and actors compete with poets and writers for attention. Along with them are the experts - doctors, lawyers, and other pillars of the community and their families.


As a guest (artist or expert), you will either be required to entertain or to provide expertise on a certain subject. You can mingle with both servants and nobles, however, and are not as bound by formality as either of these groups.

1917 - but not a simulation


Though Fairweather Manor is set in England in 1917, this is not a historical simulation. Our focus is on drama, status games and emotional experiences, not on being historically correct.


This is important for both those with little historical knowledge and those with a lot. Our focus is on playabilty and interesting stories, and we think therm historical-ish fits perfectly.




We do not have any special issue with clothes that do not fit the period precisely. The important thing is getting the feel of it right, not having a dinner jacket that was in fashion in exactly that summer.


We will also help out with costume rentals for those interesting in a cheap and easy solution for one-off use, since not everyone has a top hat. The costume rental option costs 100€, and means that you will get one full costume (without shoes and underwear, though!).

The servant's handbook


To help create the feel of service and to help players playing servants to better play their characters, three dedicated people (Anne Serup Grove, Erik Sonne & Szymon Boruta) created the Servant's Handbook. As a servant player, you will get a copy of this handbook, so you can familiarize yourself with it before the larp.

A typical day at the Manor




07.30 - 08.00   Chapel, Servants

08.00 - 08.45   Servants' breakfast

09.00 - 10.00   Morning dressing hour

10.00 - 11.00   Breakfast: Nobles & Guests

11.00 - 11.30   Chapel, Nobles & Guests

12.00 - 12.45   Servants' lunch

13.00 - 14.00   Activities (Fencing, Poetry, etc.)

14.00 - 15.00   Lunch: Nobles & Guests

15.30 - 16.30   Activities (Shooting, Croquis, etc.)

16.30 - 17.15   Servants' light meal

17.30 - 18.00   Speeches

18.00 - 19.00   Evening dressing hour

19.00 - 21.00   Dinner: Nobles & Guests

21.00 - 22.00   Servants' dinner

21.00 - 23.00   Evening relaxtion (cards, talk, etc.)

23.00                The Manor goes to sleep




When you sign up for the larp, you choose which kind of character you want to play. There are a limited number of characters of each type, so when there are no more, there are no more.


Participation tickets are personal, and non-refundable. However, ever time there is a cancellation (and they happen), we'll try to find a replacement. If we find a replacement participant, the cancelling participant will get all but 50€ back.


The Waiting Pool


If you didn't get a ticket, you're more than welcome to sign up for the Waiting Pool. This is free, and is done via the signup page.


Experience shows that around 5-15% of participants end up cancelling for any given larp, so signing up for the waiting pool is an excellent idea.

How to get there


Zamek Moszna is located 130 km to the south-east of Wroclaw Airport, and 110 km west from Katowice Airport. It is of course also possible to get there by other means. We will organize a cheap bus from Wroclaw Airport (50€) at 13.00 Thursday / back 14.00 Sunday.


You must be on location by 15.00 on Thursday, but it's possible to come a day earlier if you are prepared to pay extra. If you are interested in this, contact us at boruta@dziobak.studio.


We can offer you a discount on your flight tickets with Lufthansa! Click HERE for more information.

The team behind the larp


Fairweather Manor is a co-creation between organizers and participants, and the credit for an event becoming a success belongs to many people. Leading the effort is the core team.


The core team behind the larp works to coordinate the efforts of everyone from writers and propmakers to artists and dressmakers. 

The organization behind the project is Dziobak Larp Studios. You can read more about us at dziobak.studio.

Other larp projects

Dziobak Larp Studios does other projects besides Fairweather Manor.. Our most famous project is the wizard school larp College of Wizardry, but we do much more than that. 

You can click on the pictures to learn more.

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